How to Download Files from Torrents that is easy for Beginners

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What is Torrent?

Those of you who use the internet must have at least heard of it for activities to download various files such as the latest movies, video games, games, music albums and others the fastest. Using Torrent has indeed become the choice that many internet users choose. So, if you are still a beginner, how do you download files from Torrents that are easy?

Torrent itself is a term that refers to the extension of a file. In principle, a torrent is a file that contains textual information to download a file. The information contained in a file itself includes the size of the file, track URL address, file name, comments and so on.

To be able to use Torrent to download files, you mainly need to have utorrent first. Why? Because this utorrent or bittorent functions as a download manager bridge like IDM. The way the download works on a torrent itself is different from the download mechanism on the server. Interestingly, here you can also apply how to download files from torrents on an Android cellphone.

Well, in the following description, let’s find out how to download files from Torrent which are easy for beginners, complete all things related to Torrent. Please listen.

How to Download Files from Torrent which is Easy for Beginners

1. How to Download via Uttorent on an Android phone

  1. The first step you need to do is download the free version of uTorrent software on the Google play store. Then install as usual.
  2. After that, please go to the Torrent download site and then you can select the file you want to download.
  3. When you find the file you want to download, click it and specify a location to save the file. If so, please select “Add”
  4. Then you just have to wait for the file download process from the torrent to finish.

2. How to Download via Utorrent on Windows Computer

  1. The first step that needs to be done is to download and install the Uttorent software on the Google Playstore as usual
  2. Then open the Torrent provider web
  3. Determine the file you want to download on Torrent by using the “Search” menu
  4. Select the torrent file then select the download link link
  5. After that select the magnet link torrent
  6. At this point, the torrent download process begins
  7. Wait for a while until the download is finally complete
  8. Advantages of Downloading via Torrent

There are various advantages of using Torrents in the process of downloading the files you want. Besides being able to be applied to Android phones, PCs, laptops and other types of devices, there are various advantages of Torrents that you need to know. Some of them are as follows:

Can resume anytime

Some files can be opened, even though the download is not complete or is at 100%

The use of the client application is free

If your battery wants to run out or the device is loading, the download process can be paused automatically first according to your wishes or settings you made.

You know, the advantages of Torrent are not only that. Another advantage is that the download process will not affect your browsing speed or utorrent itself will automatically divide the download speed with the browsing speed you are doing.

With this software, you can pause automatically when downloading, that is when the cellphone is on an unstable or dead internet connection. Later you can continue the download process again after the internet can be connected properly. How interesting isn’t it? In contrast to other methods that might make you have to re-download from scratch if a similar obstacle occurs.

Apart from that, we will always get the intact files. For example, the Bittorrent client application will not let even one piece loose, otherwise it will not be able to reach 100%. For the results of downloading the torrent itself, even though it hasn’t reached 100 full, we can play it. It’s just that there will be a freeze because the pieces are not complete and there are many more advantages.

Torrent has a free version and a plus or pro version. If you use the free version of Torrent, you have got several advantages, especially the Pro version of Torrent, of course, has many advantages, which are sophisticated and complete, to meet your needs in downloading the files you want anytime and anywhere.

This is complete information that discusses how to download files from Torrent which are easy and fast for beginners. There are various methods that can be applied to carry out the download process using Torrents such as through an Android cellphone or Smartphone, PC, or laptop.

Thus, you can download a large file in a faster time using a download manager software that can handle it well, namely Utorrent. Not only that, the download manager software allows the use of free or not paid at all. Immediately take advantage of its advanced features. May be useful.

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