How to make a website for free and easy

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How to make a website for free and easy

The online world now seems to have become a necessity for many people. This is evident from the number of marketplaces, applications, websites, blogs and so on. The sophistication of supporting technology allows everyone to create their own website for free and easily. This is what makes many people want to have their own website.

There are many types of online sites. Various webs are also created with their respective goals. For example, for online shops, online businesses, channeling hobbies, sharing information and others. Because of its various uses in various activities, it is this that makes it a very helpful modern tool.

If you are also interested in creating a free website for a specific purpose, there are practical ways you can do it. This method is good for beginners which can be done for free on the internet. The manufacturing process can also be done on various devices, both Android phones or tablets. For more information, you can listen to the simple steps below:

How to make a website for free and easy

1. Determine Website Theme Ideas

The first important step to do before creating a website is to determine the theme or topic. This is so that you can later adjust the type or appearance of the website as what you want to display. To do research you can start to browse the Internet, there you will find lots of ideas.

Choose your theme based on the main purpose and function that you want to apply to your website. With proper execution, you can be sure that your topics and ideas will have the potential to generate good income.

The type of website itself is divided into many types. Some of them that can be used as references are e-commerce websites, blogs, educational websites, news websites, online communities, portfolios etc. After knowing the website theme that will be carried, then you can go directly to the next step.

2. Choosing a Website Platform

The second stage, you need to determine which platform you will use. Today there are lots of free platforms that can help you create a website for free and easily. Examples are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla !, wixsite and so on. However, the most popular and widely used is the WordPress platform.

WordPress is also considered a platform that is very suitable for beginners in creating personal websites. This is because WordPress can be used for free or without payment starting from the download, installation and modification stages.

In addition, the use of this website can be used for small website purposes such as blogs or small businesses. However, WordPress can also be used for large-scale websites such as those owned by certain companies or institutions.

3. Register a Domain Name

Before proceeding to the specific steps of creating a website, the name is important in developing a website. So first think about the name that characterizes your website. To choose a suitable domain name, the steps are as follows:

  1. Brainstorm with potential website names
  2. Using the check domain feature
  3. Enter the desired domain name in the search feature
  4. Choose the best domain name
  5. Complete domain registration

The average cost to purchase a domain name is approximately Rp. 100 thousand only for the active period for one year. You can customize your own domain name. For example, if only for personal use you can use your name. Meanwhile, if it’s for business purposes, choose a domain name that matches your shop name.

4. Choosing a Web Hosting

Furthermore, how to create a website is to choose web hosting that can be trusted and relied on. There are various kinds of web hosting options, but you should need to find one that is tailored to the needs of your online project. You can get the best Indonesian VPS Hosting on several trusted sites such as Niagahoster.

Hosting is one of the important points in website development. Its main function itself is to store data and files from the website online so that it allows many people to access it on the internet network. The owner of the information can also provide information according to user needs.

5. Installation and Modification Process

After completing the previous stages which include choosing a platform, domain name and hosting. The next process is to create a website by installing and modifying it. The installation process is very easy. Because, there are a lot of hosting that already uses one click installation so this can be very easy for new users.

  1. How to install specifically you can do as follows:
  2. Log in to your hosting account
  3. Look for a control panel option or button
  4. Select the Softculous Apps Installer option then select WordPress
  5. Next, click install

In the next process, the setup software will appear, at this stage you need to delete the words in the In Directory column for installation directly on your website

Select the install option again and wait for the installation process to complete

When finished, you can start using the website

You can modify the display that is still blank on the website. You can choose from a variety of templates that are already available. You can also create content or articles with posts or pages.

Modify the display can be tailored to your wishes or needs. Make modifications as attractive as possible to improve the quality of your website. For example, making a website title in the site little column and others in the settings menu. The main page that is displayed also depends on the template you chose previously. But even so you can set any content or writing that you want to display on the main page.

This is a brief description of the tutorial for making a website that is easy and fast. This method of course can help you because it can be done without a guide that is difficult to understand. The work generally only takes a very minimum of 5 minutes.

After your website has been created, then you can start to beautify the appearance and develop the website with a variety of the best tools. Modern technology allows you to easily get related tips and tricks in the form of tutorials and youtube videos. Hopefully this information can be useful as a basis for creating your website.

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